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Julia Louis-Drefus supports Barack Obama.
Louis-Dreyfus, Julia: 05/02/08 - 21:19:58 Posted By: Admin

Actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus recently filmed a public service announcement for the group Womans Voices. Woman Vote. Which was recently accused of running misleading robo-calls in several states before their primary. In response to the controversy Julia has written a blog about her involvement in the ad and her support for Barack Obama.

The goal of the PSA campaign is to encourage high voter turn-out amongst women, especially single women, 20 million of whom have been known to stay home on Election Day. It is an issue about which I am deeply passionate. However, there have been reports about WVWV which questioned the intention behind my PSA and which candidate I am endorsing for president. For the record, I am proudly supporting Senator Barack Obama.

She went on to clearify her relationship with the group and further explains why she participated and how it should not be seen as an endorsement.

My spot was set in a replica of the Oval Office and entitled "Who Do You Want in Here?" This was meant as a legitimate question, not to serve as an endorsement for a particular candidate. The PSA was meant to inspire women to vote regardless of their party or their position. The PSA, like me, is not pro-Clinton, but rather pro-women. And yes, you can be both.


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